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Trillian Astra

License:  Freeware
OS:  Win98, WinME, Windows2000, Windows2003, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
Filesize:  14.70 MB
Install Support:  Instal And Uninstall
Keywords:  Messaging   chat client   Instant   chat   instant messaging   encrypted messaging  

Trillian Astra
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Trillian Astra helps you organize your online life with its powerful and flexible interface for IM, social networks, content syndication, the Web, and email. Browse the full feature list below.


Astra Service

One Login for All Accounts [New in Trillian Astra]
Securely store your identities and accounts with Astra, guaranteeing you access to your full profile from any device or location. Your data is always stored using industry-grade AES encryption and is never readable by anyone but you.

Open, Secure, Flexible, Efficient Protocol [New in Trillian Astra]
Our protocol was designed from the ground-up with years of industry experience and lessons in mind, the result of which is a flexible, fast, and secure protocol. Protocol documentation will be open for anyone to read upon our final release; Cerulean Studios is committed to supporting and maintaining interoperable networks.

Change Password and Security Question [New in Trillian Astra]
Keep Trillian secure by frequently changing your password, which is a breeze to change directly from the client.

Messaging [New in Trillian Astra]
Communicate with styled and formatted messaging.

Typing Notifications [New in Trillian Astra]
Know when your contacts are composing a message and vice versa.

Invisibility [New in Trillian Astra]
Hide from the world when you can't bear to hear another IM noise with full invisibility support.

Offline Messaging [New in Trillian Astra]
Never miss a thing with timestamped offline messages.

File Transfers with Proxying [New in Trillian Astra]
Sending files and other documents is a breeze with powerful file transfer support, including server proxying for restrictive firewalls.

Privacy with Visible and Invisible Lists [New in Trillian Astra]
Control who sees you when you're invisible and who can never see you on a user-by-user basis with full visible/invisible lists.

Astra Profile Integration [New in Trillian Astra]
Fully explore user profiles with direct Flash-based Astra Profile integration. View widgets, personal information, and aggregated web links with the click of a button.

Video and Voice Calls [New in Trillian Astra]
Take your conversation to the next level with directly-integrated voice and video messaging. Preferred codecs are H.263 (video) and Speex (voice) with varying qualities depending on bandwidth and processing power.

Server Proxy for Media [New in Trillian Astra]
Industry-recognized server proxying utilizing well-known technologies such as STUN, TURN, and ICE are utilized across all Astra direct connections to ensure the fastest and most efficient media delivery possible.

Easy Inline Image Transfer [New in Trillian Astra]
Quickly drag and drop images directly into Astra message windows to instantly send photos to your friends.

Server Display name [New in Trillian Astra]
Propagate new display names to your contact list automatically without any manual lookups or intervention.

Drawing support [New in Trillian Astra]
Full support for drawing interfaces and pen-mode image transfer, also compatible with Tablet PCs.

Buzz Support [New in Trillian Astra]
Annoy your friends with our unlimited buzz storm capability! Buzz will not function with non-contacts.

Sign On from Multiple Locations [New in Trillian Astra] [Premium Feature in Trillian Astra]
Utilize a single Astra Account and login from multiple locations simultaneously. Your contact list, icon, and all other associated Astra data assets will synchronize and stay updated between devices in real time!

Astra Profile

XML Format [New in Trillian Astra]

Share and export the data within your profile anyway you like with a flexible XML storage system. Your data is yours to mash up and reuse in any way you like.
One Trillian URL Manages Many [New in Trillian Astra]
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Trillian Astra - The Latest Versions History

Trillian Astra -> Aug 12, 2009 -> New Release:
FIXED[ICQ] SecureIM not starting automatically
FIXED[OSCAR] Potential crash when receiving empty message body
FIXED[YAHOO] Unable to add yahoo contacts
FIXED[YAHOO] Yahoo Privacy settings/ invisibility
FIXED[YAHOO] Potential crash when cleaning up capacity connections

FIXED[Crash] Crash after closing offline message window
FIXED[Languages] Update language packs
FIXED[Widgets] Fixed stall with scrolling and a contact list widget

Trillian Astra -> Aug 5, 2009 -> New Release:
FIXED[CORE] XML API not threadsafe
FIXED[GOOGLE] Avatar not being set properly
FIXED[XMPP] Local JID empty when jabber:iq:auth used
FIXED[XMPP] Not handling MD5 challenges with spaces correctly

Trillian Astra -> Jul 31, 2009 -> New Release:
FIXED [AIM] Avatars are sneaking out at 96x96 in certain situations
FIXED [MSN] Contacts' display names not updating in contact list
FIXED [MYSPACE] MySpaceIM Check for Mail Crashes Trillian Build 114
FIXED [TWITTER] Crash on connection
FIXED [Avatar] Reseting avatars to empty broke
FIXED [Message Window] Saving image captures with the wrong extension
FIXED [Widgets] Sped up some issues related to contact list widgets
FIXED [FACEBOOK] miscellaneous connections details not saving
FIXED [IRC] Connection settings not remembered across restarts

Trillian Astra -> Jul 24, 2009 -> New Release:
FIXED [BONJOUR] Bonjour Chat Window does not display text wrapped in tags
FIXED [IM] Auto-Response to offline message
FIXED [IM] Current Song' custom message forces 'Current Song' away message
FIXED [MAIL] GMail doesn't show new messages
FIXED [MAIL] Multiple accounts show incorrectly in iconholder
FIXED [MAIL] The IMAP plugin doesn't actually notify me of new mail.
FIXED [MSN] Attempt to fix support for long messages coming from WLM
FIXED [MSN] MSN goes idle regardless of idle timers
FIXED [MYSPACE] Possible crash when opening inbox before signed in
FIXED [OSCAR] AOL Email count does not update
FIXED [SKYPE] Have the option for the /nosplash /minimized switches to make skype start silenced (like skype install default)

Trillian Astra -> Jul 15, 2009 -> New Release:
[ASTRA] Close volatile message windows on other resources when closing one locally
[ASTRA] Possible crash with empty device name on login

Trillian Astra -> Jun 19, 2009 -> New Release:
[ASTRA] Close volatile message windows on other resources when closing one locally
[ASTRA] Possible crash with empty device name on login

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